There is nothing worse in life than getting into arrears, and the panic setting in with what you do about it. It is always best to address this situation straight away; sometimes the Debt Advisory Services may be able to assist however, in some cases Debt Management may involve releasing equity from your home to enable a fresh start.

If you find yourself in this situation we can offer a stress-free, quick sale to generate cash so you can pay off your creditors. Yes, you can put the house on the market with an estate agent, but this can take time to sell and in the meantime, your debts are getting higher, along with your stress levels.

House Sale Today offers a guaranteed quick sale; this will then help you pay off any debts sooner rather than later. Then you don’t have the deal with the estate agent and all the stress of the viewings! After all, you just want to get rid and move on with your life.

We will have the offer to you within 48 hours, if accepted, we aim to have completion and payment to you within 28 days. This would all be in writing from our solicitors meaning you can put the debts at bay.

Meaning you don’t have to worry about getting your house ready for sale, thus not incurring any more costs. We buy all houses irrespective of its condition.

And finally we offer a no valuation fee and no legal fees.

The money is in your bank faster, you can pay off your debts and move on with your new life without any bad credit scores or hassle from the courts.

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