Daily I have sit there and watched the TV programme Heir Hunters hoping that they are looking for me as a long lost relative has left me a huge inheritance! But the reality of that is that normally when you inherit property it’s from someone that you know.

If you have had to deal with probate, there are a number of hurdles in the way. Selling an inherited property can be a daunting task.

But don’t fear! As there is hope! House Sale Today can offer a quick sale and make the process very easy and stress-free.

Quick sales are advantages; inherited properties tend to have been left for a number of months, they are often run down and need modernising. That could be a lick of paint or as expensive as having new bathrooms and kitchens or structural work. This not only means the house needs work, if there is land with the house then you will need to get gardeners involved to sort that out as well. Most inherited properties need new windows and doors and that can run into tens of thousands!

You might not be the sole heir to the property and there are others involved in the decision making, not only is that time consuming with all the decision to be made it also eats into everyone’s property. Selling an inherited property via an estate agent can take months, even up to a year!

After all, with an inherited property all you want is the cash! With inherited property, we will have an offer to you within 48 hours, and then it only takes 28 days to get the house sold and the cash into your bank account.

House Sale Today is here to help you get that property sold and out of your hands.

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