People relocate for a number of reasons. Downsizing the house, children going to a different school, retiring, relocate because of work, or even acting upon that dream of living abroad! Whatever the reason, having ownership of a house could be holding you back from financing your new home.

It’s stressful enough trying to find your new home and to get to that point it takes untold viewings and negotiations. Then there is the day of moving, which they reckon is the most stressful time in anyone’s life. Getting your personal belongings shipped, preparing your new home and arranging all of the details needed to start your new life just adds to the stress of it all.

We have helped a number of clients so they don’t lose out on their dream home, a recent client of ours, Karen and Alan nearly lost the house of their dreams as the chain she was in was broken several times. As anyone would know who has been involved in a chain sale the longer the chain to more of the chance of it breaking and in doing so exposes you to losing the house you have longed for.

In their case they were at a time of life where they wanted to move abroad as the kids had flown the nest. Therefore, they were not looking to buy in the UK, but needed the funds for abroad. This was also over the time when currency rates were changing dramatically meaning the price of their new house in the US was starting to cost them more.

Over a period of 4 months they had been in this situation 4 times and were at their wits end!

So via the internet they came across our details and decided as “one last” ditch attempt they would call House Sale Today.

Karen and Alan’s house was sold within 48 hours via House Sale Today and the money was in their account within 7 days. They are now happily living in the US where they should have been months ago!

So if you are thinking or worrying that you are going to or might miss out on the house or opportunity that you have been looking for DON’T. If all you need to do is sell your house we have the expertise, along with a vast network of professional cash buyers who specialise in buying houses quickly, allowing you the freedom to take that move to wherever that may be!

Lease options

If you do not want to sell your house, but still wish to relocate, then we have the option to lease the property from you on a guaranteed fixed rental fee from 5-10 years. We offer a fully managed service; taking care of your property, therefore you are free of all responsibility and you can move on with your new life.

We can also offer an option to buy your home sometime in the future, at the price agreed upon the time of leasing. This means we will buy your house even if you have little to no equity in it.

Our aim is to help people get on with their lives quickly, selling your property is that way, and we get a fair price and eliminate the stress of the entire sales process.

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