Facing Repossession

Facing Repossession

This is more than likely one of the most stressful situations to find you in. And once that you need to act upon immediately.

If you fail to stop repossession, you are going to lose the one thing that you have worked hard for, for you and your family. Not only is this painful enough, you then face the future with your credit rating being poor.

Once repossession happens, you are placed onto a registration and they have to report you to all credit agencies in the UK. It’s fair to say that once this happens getting another mortgage is not going to be easy, as well as something simple like getting a mobile phone as even that requires a credit check.

Yes, there are companies that offer high risk lending options; this can lead down a rocky road as you will end up with the abnormally high interest rate on the mortgage. If you are in a repossession situation your old mortgage company can chase you for up to 12 years for any shortfall that arises after the sale of your property.

For all these reasons, you must make sure you do everything you possibly can to make sure you stop your house from being repossessed. The process of repossession is horrendous, it involves court hearings, which are never fun and in any instances removal from your home. Once it’s served you typically have up to 2 months to vacate, if you fail to, you are then given a 14 day notice to leave, after which a bailiff can forcibly remove you from your home. The only way to stop this is to pay the arrears there and then to the bailiff.

We are often asked how you can stop repossession. Fortunately, there is a way out! House Sale Today can help stop your repossession at any time, meaning we can save you from losing your home. House Sale Today has property cash buyers that are ready to buy straight away so you can avoid repossession and all the hassle associated with it. We will deal with all the legal side for you and deal with the courts should we need to do so.

Whatever the situation we can have your house bought, all legal side dealt with and the cash in your hands within a few days. We can even help if you have little or no equity in your property.

Stop repossession and save your credit today, call for advice or a just to get your questions answered.

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